NCOD Message from the President

Happy National Coming Out Day!   

It was one week ago today that we held our first 2-Day Convention.  I am happy to report that by all indications with feedback from those Members and Guests in attendance, it was a very successful, enjoyable, memorable and energizing Convention!  Thanks to all who attended! Special thanks to Arsidez León, Gina Cruz, Rich Elkins and Pat Warren for their time and significant efforts on the Convention! Special thanks also to Kathryn Vandegrift, President Wake County Chapter and all the Wake County Members who hosted the Convention, worked at the Registration Desk and welcomed Attendees!  Some highlights from the Convention:

  • The Reception at the Governor’s Mansion, where we were welcomed by First Lady Kristin Cooper, had the opportunity to meet LGBTQ Elected Officials from across the state, speak with Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and hear Mathew Shurka’s story of surviving conversion therapy and the great work he and BornPerfect are doing and what we can do to help put an end to this harmful practice.  We presented our first Progress Award to Clay Eddleman, Chair CD 11 for his outstanding achievements organizing three Chapters in the 11th Congressional District and for all of his time, talent and treasure to support this organization!
  • After Party, where we collectively voted for Representative and House Minority Whip Deb Butler to help her win the Victory Institute’s Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award, which by the way, SHE WON!   We danced to music by DJ Fin and enjoyed entertainment from The Vanity House, with our own Candice Cox, an At-Large Board Member of our Wake County Chapter, as the MC. We presented a Progress Award to Candice Cox for her tireless work to increase visibility and ensure forward progress for Trans people of color and all LGBTQ in NC & beyond,  as well as for her leadership in the LGBTQ Democrats of Wake County and her help and dedication to making the LGBTQ Democrats of NC Convention After Party an enjoyable and memorable event! 
  • The Saturday Morning session of our Convention Meeting was packed with speakers.  We had greeting from NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin and WCDP Chair Rebecca Llewellyn, heard from Ted Jackson, DNC Director of LGBTQ Political Engagement and received thanks from Michelle Zechmann, CEO Haven House Services for our Community Outreach contributions to their Snack Drive.  We learned more about becoming a Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention from Matt Hughes, LGBTQ Democrats of NC Vice President, NCDP 2nd Vice Chair and Chair of the NCDP Delegate Selection Committee.  We received an inspiring message via video from Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren (greatly appreciated but in no way constitutes an endorsement by this Auxiliary for Senator Warren).  We closed our morning session with an incredible speech by Representative and House Minority Whip Deb Butler.
  • We presented Awards:
    • Progress Award to Laura Bannister, President LGBTQ Democrats of Henderson County for her outstanding work promoting progress for the LGBTQ community in Henderson County and making history by receiving a Mayoral Proclamation declaring June 15th as the first Hendersonville Pride Day.  
    • Communication Award to Kathryn Vandegrift, President of the LGBTQ Democrats of Wake County
    • Certificates of Appreciation:
      • Pat Warren, Treasurer 2015-2019
      • Arsidez León, VP University & College Outreach & Chair 2019 Pride Committee
      • Rich Elkins, Chair Communications/Publicity Committee
      • I was surprised to be presented with a Certificate of Appreciation award from Arsidez León on behalf of the organization.
    • Membership Awards:
      • <20 Members & First Multi-County Chapter to Cherokee and Clay Counties
      • 21-35 Members to Henderson County
      • 35-41 Members to Alamance County
      • Highest Membership to Mecklenburg County
  • Our Afternoon Session was devoted to business matters and electing new Officers. Please follow this link to review the 2019 Committee Reports
  •  Our new Executive Committee:
    • President’s Council:
      • Ginger Walker, re-elected as President
      • Arsidez León, Vice President
      • Gina Cruz, Secretary
      • Matt Hughes, Treasurer
      • Gabe Cartagena, VP University & College Outreach
    • Congressional District Chairs & Vice Chairs:
      • CD 1 — Kristin Lione (Durham), Chair
      • CD 2 – Lisa Malachowsky (Wake), Chair & Kyle Turner (Wake), Vice Chair
      • CD 3 vacant
      • CD 4 – George Greene (Wake), Chair & Andrew Terrell (Wake), Vice Chair
      • CD 5 vacant
      • CD 6 — Wade Mauser (Chatham), Chair & Pat Warren (Caswell), Vice Chair
      • CD 7 vacant
      • CD 8 vacant
      • CD 9 vacant
      • CD 10 vacant
      • CD 11 – Clay Eddleman (Henderson), Chair
      • CD 12 vacant
      • CD 13 – David Hammond (Guilford), Chair & Tyler Beall (Guilford), Vice Chair

I am very honored and humbled to have been re-elected as President of this organization.  I am excited to serve with such a diverse, talented an energized group of leaders at the State, District and County levels!  We have a balanced Executive Committee, as required by our Bylaws; Article V, Section 12, to include race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity and age.  

I’m certainly pleased with the diversity,  but I’m particularly excited that we have the youngest board we have ever had, and with that brings new perspectives & ideas, automation & technology skills that will improve and simplify our processes and enhance our communications & visibility,  all of which will accelerate our forward progress! These young and diverse leaders, blended with those of us who have the history, decades of experience and knowledge is what will allow us to build a strong infrastructure and a pipeline of leaders necessary to ensure a sustainable and vibrant organization into the future.

We have a LOT of work to do in the remainder of 2019 and will be doing everything we can to elect LGBTQ and Ally Democrats to office in the Municipal elections. It will be them who will vote to adopt non-discrimination ordinances at the December 1, 2020 twilight of HB-142!  

Then we move right into gearing up for the critically important 2020 Elections from the Court House to the White House, and everything in between.  We’ll also be watching the Supreme Court ruling on the three LGBTQ discrimination cases, with the hope that SCOTUS will rule that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 extends employment discrimination protections to Americans on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity!   The ruling is expected in 2020.

We’ll have our 2020 Strategic Retreat in early January to define our goals, objectives and strategies for the year.  We’ll share those with you after the Retreat. Meanwhile, stay engaged and encourage others to engage and join our efforts!

As I often say, in 2020 we must Vote As If Our Lives Depend On It…IT DOES!  VOTE YOUR PRIDE! VOTE DEMOCRAT! 

Sincerely and with shared aspirations for North Carolina,

Ginger Walker, President
LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina
Pronouns: she/her/hers

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Joint Press Release 10-8-19

Wayne Goodwin, Chair of the NC Democratic Party and Ginger Walker, President of the LGBTQ Democrats of NC issued a joint press release in response to today’s arguments in the US Supreme Court today in regards to Title VII and its applicability to questions of discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression.

NCDP Statement in Support of LGBTQ Workers (link)

October 8, 2019
Contact: Sarah Flowers,

NCDP Statement in Support of LGBTQ Workers

Raleigh – NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin and President of the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina Ginger Walker released the following statement in response to today’s opening arguments on three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court that address LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace: 

“No one should face discrimination or unemployment because of who they are or who they love. North Carolina Democrats stand with our LGTBQ+ friends and allies today as they continue to fight for the legal rights and protections they deserve.” 


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Equality Act Town Hall – Charlotte

Join the Human Rights Campaign, Equality North Carolina & LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina at Johnson C. Smith University for an Equality Act Town Hall on Wednesday, October 9, 6:30PM – 8:00PM.

What does the Equality Act do? Why is the work we do now in North Carolina so critical to eventually passing the Equality Act? How can you help from home & in your community? Be a part of making history and sign up today to join our town hall!


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2019 State Convention

Click below for details about this year’s LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina Statewide Convention to be held October 4-5 in Raleigh! (no password required)

Candidates who have announced their intent to run for statewide or Congressional District positions and who have provided a bio are posted toward the bottom of the page.

Click here for downloadable Call to Convention.

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State of LGBTQ Equality Town Hall – Monroe

Wednesday, September 4th 6:30-8:30pm
500 S Johnson St. Monroe NC 28112

Facebook Event Link

As we head into election season, please join Equality North Carolina and LGBTQ Democrats of NC for a Town Hall on the state of LGBTQ rights and equality in our state.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the landscape of LGBTQ life in North Carolina and add your voice to the conversation.

Speakers include Equality NC Executive Director Kendra R. Johnson and LGBT Democrats of NC President Ginger Walker, Mandy Carter, and Hillsborough Town Commissioner, Matt Hughes.

No RSVP necessary. See you there!

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Hendersonville’s First Pride Featured on NPR!

Laura Bannister, the President of LGBTQ Democrats of Henderson County, was a prime organizer of this past weekend’s Hendersonville Pride Festival and was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition this morning (6/19/19)! You can listen to the story below.

A couple of submitted pictures:



Top Photo: Just some of the Pride Crowd standing outside in the shade.

Not Pictured: Patsy Keever, former State Democratic Chair, and Brian Caskey, both announced candidates for NC Senate District 48 in 2020, were among the elected officials and candidates in attendance at the festival.

Bottom Photo: Selection of LGBTQ Democrats in attendance, Pictured from left to right:

Laura Bannister, Henderson Co. President
Cindy Buchanan, Henderson Co. Secretary
Ginger Walker, State President
Ellie Daniels, Buncombe Co. President
Clay Eddleman, 11th CD Chair

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Spring 2019 President’s Report

ginger-walker-LGBT DemsGreeting LGBTQ Democrats,

Happy 2019!   My sincerest apologies that this is my first communication of the year!  It’s certainly not because I, and the organization haven’t been working hard, we have!  For me, between work, Auxiliary activities and Democratic Party activities, time just simply slipped away.

I am extremely pleased to report the State of the LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina organization is very strong.  We successfully executed on our 2018 strategic goals, which were established earlier in 2018 at our Strategic Retreat.  A few of our goals and achievements include:

  • Increased Visibility. We increased the organization’s Visibility with more presence on social media, in printed materials, at Pride events across the state and at community events,
  • Support LGBTQ and Ally Democratic Candidates. We supported our LGBTQ and Ally Democratic candidates with Time, Talents and Treasury,
  • Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community and the Democratic Party. We advocated for our issues within the Democratic Party at all levels, with Elected Officials and in the community. We also advocated for the Democratic Party.
  • Increase Chapters and Membership. Here are a few examples of how we grew our Chapters and Membership;
    • As a result of the great work and efforts of Clay Eddleman, our 11th Congressional District Chair, we welcomed the LGBTQ Democrats of Henderson County as a fully organized Chapter in 2018. Congratulations Laura Bannister who was elected as the inaugural President!  In January 2019 we welcomed the LGBTQ Democrats of Buncombe County.    Congratulations to Marcus Blankenship who was elected as the inaugural President!
    • In March, as a result of the great work and organizing efforts of Sabrina Huston and George Greene, our 1st Congressional District Chair, we welcome the LGBTQ Democrats of Durham County as a fully organized Chapter. Congratulations to Sabrina Huston who was elected as the inaugural President!
    • There are many other Chapter organizing and re-organizing efforts underway that we expect to announce in the coming months.
    • We also welcomed new At-Large Members and our Chapters also increased their membership
  • Fill Open Committee and District Positions. We filled two open Committee Chair positions, welcoming;
    • Jamie Hildreth from Mecklenburg County as the Chair of the Platform and Resolutions Committee and
    • Kathryn Vandergrift from Wake County as the Chair of the Transgender Advocacy, Outreach and Issues Committee.
  • NCDP Re-Chartering. Odd numbered years are when NCDP Party Officers are elected and the Auxiliaries are re-chartered. We were re-chartered conditionally as an official Auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) at the January 26, 2019 NCDP State Executive Committee Meeting.  The condition was for us, and a few other Auxiliaries and Caucuses, is to tweak our Bylaws to include some additional grievance language and once we’ve done that, the Committee will recommend unconditional approval from the SEC at the June meeting and we will receive full approval.  Our Bylaws language efforts are well under way.  We have submitted a draft of to the NCDP Committee for review prior to finalizing for a vote.  Once we receive the Committee’s final blessing, the Bylaws will be approved by the President’s Council, the Executive Committee and, as per our Bylaws, the General Body.  As stated in our Bylaws, any changes to the Bylaws requires approval by the General Body and since our Annual General Body Meeting/Convention will not be held until the fall, we will be conducting this General Body vote with an email vote, followed by a conference call voice vote that will occur sometime in late April or early May.

Continue reading

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Post-Election Presidential Message

ginger-walker-LGBT Dems

Greetings LGBTQ Democrats of NC,

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!  I know each of us has been counting our own personal blessings and things we’re thankful for over the last few days!  I also know that collectively, we’re all thankful and celebrating the results of the 2018 Midterm Elections (Celebrating most results and that the Election is over!).

No doubt the election results brought us much joy, relief and a sense of accomplishment, but there was also sadness around some tough and painful local, state and national LGBTQ and Ally losses.  Sincere thanks to all LGBTQ and Ally Democrats who stepped up to run!  We know and appreciate the huge sacrifices you made!

I will also take this opportunity to thank and celebrate all of you who engaged in this critical election!  Your Vote, Your Time and Your Financial Contributions made a real difference!  Continue reading

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Statewide Judicial Candidates 2018

We Must Protect Our North Carolina Courts!

All Judicial races are important in this election,  but none are more important than the NC Supreme Court and NC Court of Appeals!  If we lose the Courts to the GOP, our Equality & Protections Under Law will be in jeopardy for many years to come!

anita_earls Anita Earls
NC Supreme Court
john_arrowood Judge John Arrowood
NC Court of Appeals
allegra_collins_sm Allegra Collins
NC Court of Appeals
toby_hampson_sm Toby Hampson
NC Court of Appeals

Please remember to go all the way through the Ballot to vote for our Democratic Judicial Candidates at the state and local levels and VOTE AGAINST for ALL AMENDMENTS!

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Support Our Out Candidates 2018

Statewide (Court of Appeals)




Judge John Arrowood
NC Court of Appeals (Statewide)
Incumbent Since 2017

NC House (by district)




Kris Rixon
NC House District 9 (Pitt County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP







Allison Dahle
NC House District 11 (Wake County)
Open Seat – Incumbent Dem. lost Primary







Dan Whitten
NC House District 15 (Onslow County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP







Deb Butler
NC House District 18 (Brunswick/New Hanover Counties)
Incumbent (since 2017)






Marcia Morgan
NC House District 19 (New Hanover County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP






Linda Bennett
NC House District 26 (Johnston County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP







Marcia Morey
NC House District 30 (Durham County)
Incumbent (since 2017)







Cecil Brockman
NC House District 60 (Guilford County)
Incumbent (since 2015)







Greg Cranford
NC House District 89 (Catawba County)
Challenger- Seat held by GOP






Robert Kellogg
NC House District 108 (Gaston County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP

Local Races (by County)




Judge Amanda Maris
District Court Judge – Durham County
Incumbent (since 2017)







Julia Olson-Boseman
New Hanover County Commissioner
Challenger (seats elected at-large)






Mark Kleinschmidt
Orange County Clerk of Superior Court
Open Seat – Incumbent Dem. lost Primary






Greg Ford
Wake County Commissioner District 6
Incumbent (since 2016)




— These are the out candidates we are aware of.  If you are an out LGBTQ candidate for office on the November ballot (no matter what level), a registered Democrat (whether in a partisan or non-partisan race) and would like to be listed, please contact us.

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