2019 State Convention

Click below for details about this year’s LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina Statewide Convention to be held October 4-5 in Raleigh! (no password required)

Click here for downloadable Call to Convention.

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State of LGBTQ Equality Town Hall – Monroe

Wednesday, September 4th 6:30-8:30pm
500 S Johnson St. Monroe NC 28112

Facebook Event Link

As we head into election season, please join Equality North Carolina and LGBTQ Democrats of NC for a Town Hall on the state of LGBTQ rights and equality in our state.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the landscape of LGBTQ life in North Carolina and add your voice to the conversation.

Speakers include Equality NC Executive Director Kendra R. Johnson and LGBT Democrats of NC President Ginger Walker, Mandy Carter, and Hillsborough Town Commissioner, Matt Hughes.

No RSVP necessary. See you there!

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Hendersonville’s First Pride Featured on NPR!

Laura Bannister, the President of LGBTQ Democrats of Henderson County, was a prime organizer of this past weekend’s Hendersonville Pride Festival and was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition this morning (6/19/19)! You can listen to the story below.

A couple of submitted pictures:



Top Photo: Just some of the Pride Crowd standing outside in the shade.

Not Pictured: Patsy Keever, former State Democratic Chair, and Brian Caskey, both announced candidates for NC Senate District 48 in 2020, were among the elected officials and candidates in attendance at the festival.

Bottom Photo: Selection of LGBTQ Democrats in attendance, Pictured from left to right:

Laura Bannister, Henderson Co. President
Cindy Buchanan, Henderson Co. Secretary
Ginger Walker, State President
Ellie Daniels, Buncombe Co. President
Clay Eddleman, 11th CD Chair

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Spring 2019 President’s Report

ginger-walker-LGBT DemsGreeting LGBTQ Democrats,

Happy 2019!   My sincerest apologies that this is my first communication of the year!  It’s certainly not because I, and the organization haven’t been working hard, we have!  For me, between work, Auxiliary activities and Democratic Party activities, time just simply slipped away.

I am extremely pleased to report the State of the LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina organization is very strong.  We successfully executed on our 2018 strategic goals, which were established earlier in 2018 at our Strategic Retreat.  A few of our goals and achievements include:

  • Increased Visibility. We increased the organization’s Visibility with more presence on social media, in printed materials, at Pride events across the state and at community events,
  • Support LGBTQ and Ally Democratic Candidates. We supported our LGBTQ and Ally Democratic candidates with Time, Talents and Treasury,
  • Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community and the Democratic Party. We advocated for our issues within the Democratic Party at all levels, with Elected Officials and in the community. We also advocated for the Democratic Party.
  • Increase Chapters and Membership. Here are a few examples of how we grew our Chapters and Membership;
    • As a result of the great work and efforts of Clay Eddleman, our 11th Congressional District Chair, we welcomed the LGBTQ Democrats of Henderson County as a fully organized Chapter in 2018. Congratulations Laura Bannister who was elected as the inaugural President!  In January 2019 we welcomed the LGBTQ Democrats of Buncombe County.    Congratulations to Marcus Blankenship who was elected as the inaugural President!
    • In March, as a result of the great work and organizing efforts of Sabrina Huston and George Greene, our 1st Congressional District Chair, we welcome the LGBTQ Democrats of Durham County as a fully organized Chapter. Congratulations to Sabrina Huston who was elected as the inaugural President!
    • There are many other Chapter organizing and re-organizing efforts underway that we expect to announce in the coming months.
    • We also welcomed new At-Large Members and our Chapters also increased their membership
  • Fill Open Committee and District Positions. We filled two open Committee Chair positions, welcoming;
    • Jamie Hildreth from Mecklenburg County as the Chair of the Platform and Resolutions Committee and
    • Kathryn Vandergrift from Wake County as the Chair of the Transgender Advocacy, Outreach and Issues Committee.
  • NCDP Re-Chartering. Odd numbered years are when NCDP Party Officers are elected and the Auxiliaries are re-chartered. We were re-chartered conditionally as an official Auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) at the January 26, 2019 NCDP State Executive Committee Meeting.  The condition was for us, and a few other Auxiliaries and Caucuses, is to tweak our Bylaws to include some additional grievance language and once we’ve done that, the Committee will recommend unconditional approval from the SEC at the June meeting and we will receive full approval.  Our Bylaws language efforts are well under way.  We have submitted a draft of to the NCDP Committee for review prior to finalizing for a vote.  Once we receive the Committee’s final blessing, the Bylaws will be approved by the President’s Council, the Executive Committee and, as per our Bylaws, the General Body.  As stated in our Bylaws, any changes to the Bylaws requires approval by the General Body and since our Annual General Body Meeting/Convention will not be held until the fall, we will be conducting this General Body vote with an email vote, followed by a conference call voice vote that will occur sometime in late April or early May.

Continue reading

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Post-Election Presidential Message

ginger-walker-LGBT Dems

Greetings LGBTQ Democrats of NC,

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!  I know each of us has been counting our own personal blessings and things we’re thankful for over the last few days!  I also know that collectively, we’re all thankful and celebrating the results of the 2018 Midterm Elections (Celebrating most results and that the Election is over!).

No doubt the election results brought us much joy, relief and a sense of accomplishment, but there was also sadness around some tough and painful local, state and national LGBTQ and Ally losses.  Sincere thanks to all LGBTQ and Ally Democrats who stepped up to run!  We know and appreciate the huge sacrifices you made!

I will also take this opportunity to thank and celebrate all of you who engaged in this critical election!  Your Vote, Your Time and Your Financial Contributions made a real difference!  Continue reading

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Statewide Judicial Candidates 2018

We Must Protect Our North Carolina Courts!

All Judicial races are important in this election,  but none are more important than the NC Supreme Court and NC Court of Appeals!  If we lose the Courts to the GOP, our Equality & Protections Under Law will be in jeopardy for many years to come!

anita_earls Anita Earls
NC Supreme Court
john_arrowood Judge John Arrowood
NC Court of Appeals
allegra_collins_sm Allegra Collins
NC Court of Appeals
toby_hampson_sm Toby Hampson
NC Court of Appeals

Please remember to go all the way through the Ballot to vote for our Democratic Judicial Candidates at the state and local levels and VOTE AGAINST for ALL AMENDMENTS!

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Support Our Out Candidates 2018

Statewide (Court of Appeals)




Judge John Arrowood
NC Court of Appeals (Statewide)
Incumbent Since 2017

NC House (by district)




Kris Rixon
NC House District 9 (Pitt County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP







Allison Dahle
NC House District 11 (Wake County)
Open Seat – Incumbent Dem. lost Primary







Dan Whitten
NC House District 15 (Onslow County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP







Deb Butler
NC House District 18 (Brunswick/New Hanover Counties)
Incumbent (since 2017)






Marcia Morgan
NC House District 19 (New Hanover County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP






Linda Bennett
NC House District 26 (Johnston County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP







Marcia Morey
NC House District 30 (Durham County)
Incumbent (since 2017)







Cecil Brockman
NC House District 60 (Guilford County)
Incumbent (since 2015)







Greg Cranford
NC House District 89 (Catawba County)
Challenger- Seat held by GOP






Robert Kellogg
NC House District 108 (Gaston County)
Challenger – Seat held by GOP

Local Races (by County)




Judge Amanda Maris
District Court Judge – Durham County
Incumbent (since 2017)







Julia Olson-Boseman
New Hanover County Commissioner
Challenger (seats elected at-large)






Mark Kleinschmidt
Orange County Clerk of Superior Court
Open Seat – Incumbent Dem. lost Primary






Greg Ford
Wake County Commissioner District 6
Incumbent (since 2016)




— These are the out candidates we are aware of.  If you are an out LGBTQ candidate for office on the November ballot (no matter what level), a registered Democrat (whether in a partisan or non-partisan race) and would like to be listed, please contact us. webmaster@lgbtqdemocrats.org

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Joint Statement on Trans Erasure Effort


October 22, 2018
Contact: Robert Howard, RobertHoward@ncdemocraticparty.org

NCDP Statement on President Trump’s Attempted Erasure of the Trans Community

Raleigh – NC Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin and President of LGBTQ Democrats Ginger Walker released the following joint statement in response to the Trump Administration’s potential dismantling of Title IX protections for transgender individuals:

“The Trump administration’s attempt to erase transgender individuals and the transgender community is despicable and disheartening. We know that our diversity is our strength and that validating the existence and identities of our LGBTQ allies is vital for ensuring their acceptance, prosperity, and safety. North Carolinians must send a strong message to President Trump and politicians who seek to legislate hate and discrimination that the transgender community will not be erased. That starts here at home by electing representatives who will fight for equality and justice for everyone in our state.”


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LGBTQ History Month 2018

NCDP Statement on LGBTQ History Month

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin and President of the LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina Ginger Walker released the following joint statement in recognition of Governor Cooper’s proclamation of October as LGBTQ History Month:

“Happy LGBTQ History Month to the many diverse and beautiful members of our state’s LGBTQ community. North Carolina Democrats echo Governor Cooper’s recent proclamation and support the LGBTQ community in their endeavor for social, economic, and cultural rights, and their choice to be visible and open in their authenticity. No person should face discrimination based on preconceived notions of race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, economic status or physical disability. North Carolina Democrats will continue to fight today and every day for the safety of every person who chooses to be open about being LGBTQ.”


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2018 Fundraising Challenge

Greetings LGBTQ and Allied Democrats,

A key organizational objective of the LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina is: “Electing LGBTQ and Allied Democrats to Political Office”.

We are working hard, doing many things as an organization and alongside the NC Democratic Party at the State, District and County levels to achieve this objective, none more important than in these upcoming mid-term elections!

We have a great slate of LGBTQ and Allied Democratic Candidates in North Carolina!  We appreciate each of them for their willingness to run for political office and serve!  We are particularly excited to join other states in the country in having a record number of LGBTQ Candidates, some call it a Rainbow Wave!

In these coming weeks leading up to the election, we want to make sure you know our NC LGBTQ Democratic Candidates,  they’re featured here on our website and in social media. Judge John Arrowood is our only LGBTQ statewide elected official, and one of four Judicial Candidates, who will appear on ballots statewide.  It is imperative that we protect our Courts, so we’re also featuring them!   To our Allied Democratic Candidates, fortunately there are just too many of you to feature. We trust you know that we appreciate you and are doing all that we can to help get you elected!

It’s not to late to provide a financial donation or volunteer your time to Get Out The Vote.

To provide financial support and be a part of our candidate fundraising efforts, visit https://squareup.com/store/lgbtq-democrats-of-north-carolina. There are a few different category and levels of contributions.

To volunteer your time, reach out to the LGBTQ Democrats County Chapter and if there’s not one in your area, contact your County Democratic Party or Candidate.

If nothing else, Vote!

Vote Your Pride!  Vote Democrat!

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