Biden issues LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Executive Order

Among the first 17 Executive Orders issued by President Joe Biden shortly after inauguration was one which seeks to prevent and combat discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Click the image below to view the entire order.

Image of Executive Order

Learn more in an article from The Advocate: “On Day One, Biden Issues Order Against Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination

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Imagining Pride with Our Democratic Candidates

Imagining Pride with our Democratic Candidates promo image.
Join us for this event series focused on raising money and awareness of our Democratic Candidates up and down the ballot. One donation gets you access to the whole series.

A series of fundraisers focused on electing our candidates up and down the ballot


Please join the LGBTQ+ Democrats of NC for afternoons with candidates, their campaigns, and live entertainment.

This year LGBTQ+ equality and lives are on the ballot! Join the LGBTQ+ Democrats as we protect, defend, and build upon the successes of our movement by electing Democrats and Imagining Pride in 2021 and beyond. Help Us Reach Our Goal of $20K in 20!

Schedule of Events

Sunday, Sept. 20 4-5:30pmNC Court of Appeals
Monday, Sept. 21 6:30-8pmNC Supreme Court
Tuesday, Sept. 22 6:30-8pm Council of State (1 of 2)
Sunday, Sept. 27 4-5:30pmCouncil of State (2 of 2)
Monday, Sept. 28 6:30-8pm LGBTQ+ NC House/NC Senate
Tuesday, Sept. 29 6:30-8pm Other LGBTQ+ Candidates
Wednesday, Oct. 21 1-1:45pmHRC President Alphonso David with
Cal Cunningham for US Senate
Thursday, Oct. 29 7:30-8:15pmFinal Event!!!
Governor & Lt. Governor

Please contribute as much as you can, but a contribution of at least $10 is required and will enable you to attend this entire series of events. At each event, Candidates will provide initial comments and then each Candidate will move through Breakout Rooms for Q&A.. Your placement in the Breakout Rooms will be determined by the level of donation, with fewer people in each room at higher donation levels. Registration automatically enters you into our drawing with a chance to win LGBTQ+ Democratic swag door prizes.

All monies raised will be dispersed to:

  • LGBTQ+ Candidates
  • Statewide Candidates
  • NC House Democratic Caucus & NC Senate Democratic Caucus
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Convention 2020

Registration is now open for our 2020 Convention being held virtually October 2nd-3rd!
Purchase Tickets

Register Now for 2020 Convention!

Registration is open for the 2020 LGBTQ Democrats of NC’s State Convention being held virtually Friday, October 2nd to Saturday, October 3rd.

  • In order to register for Convention, you must be a member of either a county chapter or an at-large member of the state organization. If you are not a member, or your membership has lapsed, you will need to join or renew before you register.
    Membership links are located on the right-column of this website.
  • If your membership is current, you will purchase your ticket online. Tickets are $35 ($30 for current full-time students), and sponsorships (which include admission) are available starting at the $100 level.
    Purchase Tickets Here
  • Once you have purchased your tickets, you will receive a receipt from ActBlue containing the link to register for the convention events through Zoom.

More detailed information about the event, can be found in our Call to Convention!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone for this major event with an exciting agenda filled with excellent speakers and entertainment!

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Out for Biden event Friday

Join us Friday, August 7th at 5pm for an online Out for Biden event.
Register at: or click the image above.
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Pride with Cal Cunningham

Join us Saturday, June 20th at 2pm for a virtual pride celebration with Cal Cunningham, our next US Senator from NC.
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What a week! Decisions and Events

Gosh,  a lot has happened over the last week! Hopefully, you’ve all seen the Joint Statements we issued this last week and this week and other important happenings that were posted on our social media and on the NCDP website, however just in case here’s the list: 

1) Statement with the NCDP and Transgender Caucus on Saturday, June 13 condemning the Trump administration’s roll back of the 2016 Obama health care protections under the ACA that included transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming Americans.   

2) Statement with the NCDP, LGBTQ Democrats of NC and the Transgender Caucus on Monday, June 15 about the landmark SCOTUS Ruling that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which protects workers from sex discrimination, also protect lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming Americans.  This landmark and monumental decision is certainly wonderful news, but as we celebrate this victory,  let us also not lose sight that our fight is not over! Our LGBTQ+ Black and Brown siblings and communities will still face discrimination from institutionalized and systemic racism and oppression.   This ruling doesn’t cover public accommodations or the regulation of multi-use bathrooms and changing rooms, leaving our our Trans siblings open to discrimination, especially here in NC with HB 142 still in place.  Also it only applies to employers with 15 employees and greater and in NC, we’re a right to work state, which means an employer can fire an employee at will.  That being said, many in the legal community believe that if an LGBTQ+ person is fired in NC solely because they’re LGBTQ+ and they file suit, the SCOTUS Ruling may positively influence the outcome in the courts.

3) On June 18th, SCOTUS blocks Trump’s attempt to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  We don’t have a formal statement on this decision, but still wanted to highlight its significance. This SCOTUS Ruling was another positive decision that happened and was certainly good news for our immigrant community,  particularly for the DACA recipients and DREAMERS who identify as LGBTQ+,  estimated to be over 75,000 people. If not protected, many of these individuals would be deported to the countries where they immigrated from and it would be sentencing them to face discrimination, prosecution by the government, incarceration or worse, death. We must be vigilant in our fight for immigration reform that provides protections under the law and are not subject to a President like Trump,  who has already Tweeted his intent to try to terminate the DACA program again.  
LGBTQ Democrats President Ginger Walker stated in her email last week:  
I am hopeful, and I truly believe, this moment is our collective moment to finally start to make the changes necessary to bring forth a more perfect Union with Equity, Equality, Freedom and Justice for All!  ¡Libertad y Justicia para todos! 
We have Everything to Lose and Everything to Gain, so we must tell everyone to VOTE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT…IT DOES!

Upcoming Events

There are a few upcoming events that we hope you’ve seen posted on social media and our website and hope that you’re planning to attend:

Saturday June 20th at 10am and again at 6pm that same day and on Sunday, June 21st – Rev. Dr. William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis’ Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington Digital Gathering.  Here’s the link to register, if you haven’t already registered: Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington Digital Gathering

Saturday June 20th at 2pm  A Pride Celebration with Cal Cunningham, NC Candidate for US Senate.  Flyer is below, and here’s the link to register:

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Statement on Police Brutality

On June 4th, the LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina along with its associated county chapters released a statement in response to the tactics used by police forces in some cities across the state dealing with recent protests.

Downloadable PDF of Statement

Continue reading
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Virtual Town Hall 5/19/20

 Join us for this non-partisan Town Hall focused on 2020 Elections: voter education, voter participation and voter protection in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic health crisis.

Register at or by clicking the image above.

Join us and partner organization, Equality North Carolina, for our upcoming Virtual Town Hall on May 19th at 6:45PM. This non-partisan Town Hall will be focused on 2020 Elections: voter education, voter participation and voter protection in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic health crisis.

We have assembled an incredible group of advocates and knowledgeable panelists, who will share what activities and actions are underway to ensure that we have the ability to exercise our right to vote in the upcoming and critical General Election this November. Particularly – mail-in-ballots, expanded early voting sites, challenges and potential solutions for having a sufficient number of Poll Workers and Voter Protection.  We will also learn what we in the LGBTQ Community and Allies can do to help.

You will register for the ZOOM by visiting — All participants, who have registered, will receive the ZOOM log-in information the morning of the 19th.

We will be joined by Representatives Deb Butler and Allison Dahle. Also joining our panelists will be Allison Riggs the Interim Executive Director / Chief Council, Voting Rights with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice; Seth Morris the Voter Protection Director and Senior Counsel at the NCDP; and Caroline Fry, the Voter Protection Project Manager with Democracy NC.

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Virtual Town Hall 5/5/20

Join LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina and co-hosts Equality NC, Human Rights Campaign, and Faith in Public Life for a virtual town hall Tuesday, May 5th at 6:30. This Facebook Live town hall will focus on non-discrimination issues. A dynamic slate of speakers will discuss the SCOTUS decisions and the status of non-discrimination protections at the local, state, and federal level.


Current Speakers:

  • Kendra Johnson, Executive Director, Equality NC
  • Allison Scott, Director of Policy and Programs, Campaign for Southern Equality
  • Bishop Tonyia Rawls, Founder and Executive Director, Freedom Center for Social Justice
  • Jillian Johnson, Durham Mayor Pro tempore
  • Ames Simmons (moderator), Director of Policy, Equality NC
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2020 Primary Peek: Lieutenant Governor

This is the fourth in a series of posts encouraging people to look closely at those races which don’t get the attention afforded to Presidential, US Senate, or NC Governor elections.

We aren’t endorsing or promoting any candidate, but instead want you to be aware of contests which will be on the March 3rd Democratic Primary Ballot (Early Voting Starting February 13th). Our hope is that by becoming more familiar with the candidates, you can make an informed decision about who should be our nominee and move forward to compete in the November General Election.

Brief information is provided for each candidate: name, photo, brief current or former positions (up to 2 most relevant), website, and Facebook links. Explore each of the candidates and decide who you feel is the most qualified for this position. Candidates are listed in the order they appear on the ballot.

What is the role of the Lieutenant Governor?
The Lieutenant Governor of the state is much like the Vice President nationally, except the Governor and Lt. Governor are elected separately and may even be from different political parties.
“  The Lieutenant Governor serves as the President of the State Senate, serves as a member of the Governor’s Council of State, serves on various boards and commissions, and must also stand ready to fulfill the duties of Governor in the event of his absence, death or incapacitation.  ” — website

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor

Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas
County Commissioner, Hoke County, Since 2014.
Facebook Page

Bill Toole

Bill Toole
Environmental Attorney
Former Belmont City Council and Chair, Gaston Co. Democratic Party.
Facebook Page

Terry Van Duyn

Terry Van Duyn
State Senator since 2014, (elected Democratic Whip)
Former President, Democratic Women of Buncombe Co.
Facebook Page

Chaz Beasley

Chaz Beasley
2nd term, NC State House of Representatives, District 92
Financial Attorney
Facebook Page

Yvonne Lewis Holley

Yvonne Lewis Holley
NC House of Representatives, District 38
25-year State Employee
Facebook Page

Ron Newton

Ron Newton
Author, businessman, 2016 Candidate for Lt. Governor.
Former union manager and Durham Public Safety Officer.
Facebook Page

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