2018 is important

While many people don’t pay much attention to “off-year” elections, especially such as this one when there aren’t high profile statewide elections for US Senate, it is important that we pay even greater attention to turnout for General Assembly elections where we must break the Republican veto-proof majority.

We need to utilize Trump’s unpopularity to try and make gains in the US House of Representatives, and we must maintain and increase Democratic judges, who have been our main defense against the radical agenda of the Republican-dominated General Assembly.

LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina are gearing up for this crucial year, expanding our presence in more counties, working to support existing chapters, and rebuilding our statewide organization.  The Executive Committee will meet later this month for a day-long retreat in Greensboro to plan our course of action.

What can you do?  Well, the simplest thing is to keep informed, especially by following our Facebook Page where we post news and events several times each week.  Next would be to become active in your local party (if you aren’t already).  Precinct Meetings are the cornerstone of party organization, and are being held the next two weeks (February 5-19). To find your Precinct Meeting, you’ll want to contact your County Party or check out their website for a schedule.  You can find website links and County contacts at NCDP.org.  At your precinct meeting, delegates to the County Conventions (held in late March) are elected.  County Conventions will elect delegates to District (May 5th) and State (June 9th) Conventions.

What else? Get involved with your local chapter of LGBTQ Democrats.  Live in a county where there isn’t one yet?  Work toward getting one started.  Think your county is too small? We now have provisions for multi-county chapters!  The option always remains to join at the State level when no chapter is available.

    Our purpose is two-fold:

  • Be a visible presence within the Democratic Party to ensure our issues are heard and addressed.
  • Be visible within the LGBTQ+ Community to make sure everyone knows which party stands with us.

It’s not too late to make a resolution to get more involved this year. Join us!

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