Governor’s Executive Order and Convention Recap

 From The President

Hello LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina!

On Wednesday, Governor Roy Cooper kept his promise and signed an Executive Order barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Read the Executive Order or check out this article from we shared last week on our Facebook Page.
Wayne Goodwin, NC Democratic Party Chair issued a statement of support for the Governor’s Executive Order that we also shared.

As you’ve likely seen in the news, Governor Cooper is coming under tremendous fire. We need thank him and let him know we’ve got his back!

Yesterday was a great day for the LGBTQ Community in North Carolina and every day is great day to be a Democrat!!!

Keep Standing Strong and Proud, and let’s keep fighting together until we have equality and full protections under the law!

Thank you for your support!
Ginger Walker
President, LGBTQ Democrats of NC


Convention Recap

The LGBT Democrats of North Carolina met on Saturday, October 14th at the Wadsworth Estate in Charlotte for our State Convention.

After some initial meeting formalities, participants watched Cindy L. Abel’s ground breaking and award-winning documentary film BREAKING THROUGH:  Out of the Closet, Into the Halls of Power which featured numerous out politicians from the local to the Federal levels.  Following the film, several former, current, and hopeful future out or allied office holders spoke about their own experiences in running for and holding office.

  • Al Austin, former Charlotte City Council member, HBCU Outreach Coordinator, NCDOT
  • Mark Kleinschmidt, former Mayor of Chapel Hill
  • John Autry, NC House District 100 (Mecklenburg)
  • Wendy Ella May, Candidate US Congress District 2
  • Christian Cano, Candidate US Congress District 9
  • Judge John S. Arrowood, NC Court of Appeals

State Democratic Party Chair, Wayne Goodwin sent a video message for convention attendees, and letters from Governor Roy Cooper, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, Congresswoman Alma Adams (CD-12), and State Representative Deb Butler (NC-18) were read.

Participants were welcomed to Charlotte with brief remarks from the following local officials:

  • LaWana Mayfield, current Charlotte City Council member
  • Julie Eiselt, current Charlotte City Council member (at-large)
  • Vi Lyles, current Charlotte Mayor Pro-Tem and Democratic nominee for Mayor
  • Chaz Beasley, NC House District 92 (Mecklenburg)
  • Jennifer Roberts, Mayor of Charlotte

Several changes to the bylaws were adopted, major changes included:

  • Adding “Queer/Questioning” to our name, we are now LGBTQ Democrats of NC!
  • Adopted language to allow for multi-county clubs for more rural areas with lower levels of membership in a county.
  • Revised language to use gender-neutral “they” pronouns.
  • “Gender Expression” was added to the Diversity and Inclusion section, which already included “Gender Identity.”
  • Changed the amount of dues paid from County Clubs to the State Organization from $10 to $5 per year.

Once the adopted changes are compiled into the document, an updated copy of the bylaws will be posted to the website.

Elections for Statewide Officers.  We elected our most diverse slate of officers in our history. Your new President’s Council for 2017-19 are:

  • President: Ginger Walker, Mecklenburg County
  • Vice President: Matt Hughes, Orange County
  • Secretary: Nattiel “Nate” Turner, Mecklenburg County
  • Treasurer: Pat Warren, Caswell County
  • VP of College/University Outreach: Arsidez Leon, Wake County

A few Congressional District representatives were elected, but most positions are vacant and in need of volunteers.  The President expressed her intent to appoint outreach coordinators to work toward increasing membership and participation from the Transgender Community, African Americans, and Latinx individuals, as well as assuring that those communities’ issues are understood and taken into account.  Gelisa Stitt (Mecklenburg) has already been appointed to serve as the Chair for African American Outreach and Concerns, and Mandy Carter (Durham) will also serve on that committee.

We also need members who are interested in starting chapters in counties (or multi-county clusters) where we don’t have them or restarting chapters that have become inactive! We’d like to see every county have a chapter!

If you have an interest in serving in any of these positions or other projects or outreach efforts for which you’d like to volunteer, contact President Ginger Walker to let her know, or just reply to this email.


Join us!

We encourage all registered Democrats who are LGBTQ-identified as well as our straight allies to join us in our struggle. Together we can make NC a better place for us all.  There are two ways to join:

Join an active county chapter, your dues are paid to the chapter, $5 of which goes to pay your state dues. Check with your chapter to make sure your dues are current and paid to the state.

If you live in a county without a chapter, you can still join the State Caucus at-large.  Pay at-large dues of $10 per year directly to the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina. These may be paid online with a credit or debit card below. You can also use the link to make donations other than dues.

 Pay Dues through our ActBlue Portal
Dues (or other donations) may be paid by check. Checks can be made out to “LGBTQ Democrats of NC” and mailed to:

LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina
Attn: Pat Warren, Treasurer
PO Box 9
Prospect Hill, NC  27314

If you are in a county without an active chapter, help us start one!

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