Happy Pride Month!

ginger-walker-LGBT DemsA Message from the President

Happy Pride Month!  On behalf of the LGBTQ Democrats of NC, I would like to thank Governor Roy Cooper for his continued support of the LGBTQ community and his commitment to fight with us to achieve full equality and protections under the law.  Governor Cooper’s Executive Order issued in 2017 barring discrimination of LGBTQ State Workers, as well as companies doing business with North Carolina and this Proclamation clearly demonstrates his true commitment and loyalty to our fight for equality.

This is our month to celebrate, to be recognized as who we are and commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots of Manhattan.  We have come a long way since 1969, but we still have much work left to do and no time to waste. 

I don’t need to tell you that a lot has changed since 2009 and the seven years that followed, when President Barack Obama declared June as National LGBT Pride Month, recognizing LGBT people and calling “to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people.”  Remember the White House all lit up in rainbow colors?  It was Spectacular!  Unfortunately, Pride Month is one of the Proclamations the 45th President has declined to continue as a tradition.   We know all too well of the egregious actions that have been taken against us by the Executive Branch of OUR government and the GOP super-majorities in Congress and in State Legislatures, including NC.

Our time for action is now!

Governor Cooper can’t do it alone, he needs more Democrats elected to the NCGA and in local government. We can help by doing everything we can as individuals, and collectively, between now and November to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, from winning local elections, to gaining seats in the NC State Legislature and the US Congress and of critical importance our Judicial races, particularly those statewide at the Supreme Court (1 Seat) and Court of Appeals (3 Seats).  One of our candidates for the NC Court of Appeals is Judge John S. Arrowood.   Judge Arrowood was appointed to the Court of Appeals by Governor Cooper and he is running to keep his seat. Judge Arrowood was the first and today is the only openly LGBTQ statewide office holder.

We have a real chance to take back our state and start to take our country!  The Primary is over and we have an excellent slate of Democratic Candidates, including a record number of LGBTQ Candidates running for local, state legislative seats and judicial races.  You’ll be learning more about them on our website in the coming months.  The LGBTQ Democrats of NC also wants to publicly, and strongly give our full support to our Democratic Party Incumbent Legislators, most of them anyway :)!  The vast majority of them fully support LGBTQ Equality!

The Blue Wave is building in NC and is filled with rainbow colors of people working hard.  If you’re a registered Democrat who identifies as LGBTQ or as an Ally, we hope you’ll join us!  You can start by becoming a member of an LGBTQ Democrats of NC Chapter if one exists in your County or if not, join as an At-Large member of the state organization.

I hope you’ll hold the date of Saturday, August 11th and join us at our statewide General Body Meeting that will be held in Raleigh. More details to follow soon.

We will look forward to seeing you at various Pride Events this month!

Ginger Walker

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