LGBT State Convention

6 August 2011 – Guilford College Campus, Greensboro, NC
(written by Clayton Brooks & edited for online posting)

For those of you who were able to make it to our convention, you will know that it was truly a special event. With minimal contention and a show of real unity within our community, we have emerged as an organization with a formally approved set of by-laws and an elected class of officers who will take us through the 2012 elections.

The inaugural LGBT DEMs State Convention, 6 Aug 2011

Our organization’s inaugural officers, as elected at our state convention are:
President: Ryan Butler, Greensboro,
Vice President: Concetta Caliendo, Charlotte,
Secretary: Gayle Keresey, Wilmington,
Treasurer: Kirby Heard, High Point,
Vice President for
University & College Outreach
: Zachery J Reedy, Western Carolina University, Culowhee,


You will also find on this site a formal copy of our by-laws as amended and ratified at our convention. This document has been submitted to Chairman David Parker and Executive Director Jay Parmley and will eventually find its way to all members of the Executive Council. Pending approval by that body, our by-laws and record of our initial officers will be considered by the State Executive Committee at their next meeting and we will go up for a vote to become formally recognized by the state party.

A State Executive Committee was put into place with a chair and vice chair from each [current] Congressional District.

*Update: Travis Crayton was elected to the post of VP for College & University Outreach at our Convention; Travis is very involved in a campaign, and due to limited time, chose to step down as from this position. A quorum meeting was held at the Western Gala 22 October, and Zachary Reedy, who had also run for the position at Convention, was unanimously elected to fill the position.

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