Statement on Police Brutality

On June 4th, the LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina along with its associated county chapters released a statement in response to the tactics used by police forces in some cities across the state dealing with recent protests.

Downloadable PDF of Statement

For Immediate Release: LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina’s Statement on Police Brutality
LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina
PO Box 1406 Hillsborough, NC 27278
Press Contact: Arsidez R. León
Vice President , LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina
(c) 919-809-5178 (e)
Thursday June 4th, 2020 5:00PM (with correction)

LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina Statement on Police Brutality

The Freedom of Assembly is a cornerstone of American democracy. In the face of systemic racism and police violence, people across our state, and our country, have taken to the streets to express their demand for change – these demonstrations are in response to years of oppression that have resulted in poverty, murder, and lasting inequities for people of color. The Black Lives Matter movement needs more than our words and hashtags to achieve equity in this country.

We strongly condemn police brutality and military-style tactics used against the peaceful protesters in our state, as proven on video to have occurred in Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and other cities and towns.

The police are sworn to serve and to protect the people in their communities first and not be armed as a tool to control and disperse lawful citizens advocating for change. We stand in support of those who seek to dismantle systems of oppression. The queer community acknowledges its history – the actions at Stonewall in 1969 were a major turning point in the fight for LGBTQ+ Equality.

Yet, we know that movement, led by Transgender people of color, is not over. We stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown siblings. We join them as they struggle for equity – for freedom from the yoke of centuries of oppression. We will protest, rally, and vote to hold our leaders accountable for their actions in this moment. Towards that end, we call on the following:

  1. Local Civilian leaders take real action to ensure police departments are not using tear gas or similar chemical weapons on peaceful protesters.
  2. Civilian Review Boards be empowered with review and investigative authority, including being granted subpoena powers.
  3. Local officials, including Mayors, City Council members, County Commissioners, Sheriffs and Police Leadership take steps to ensure that peaceful protesters are protected.
  4. We encourage all Democratic leaders in this state to march with the protesters and join in this systematic effort to change our country. For those who are unable to march, we encourage you to lift your voices in solidarity with emails, phone calls or letters to your local, state and federal elected officials.
  5. We strongly encourage local, state and federal elected officials to implement policies and pass meaningful legislation ensuring equity and equality for all and protecting the rights to peaceful protest.

All are consistent with the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution that declares All are “Created Equal with an inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, and guarantees “Liberty and Justice for All”!

The voices calling for equity, equality, an end to racism, an end to police brutality, and solidarity will be heard. Please, join us in our struggle for change! The Time is Now!

LGBTQ Democrats of North Carolina and our County Chapters:
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Alamance County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Buncombe County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Burke County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Cherokee & Clay Counties
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Forsyth County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Guilford County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Henderson County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Johnston County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Mecklenburg County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Wake County
➢ LGBTQ Democrats of Watauga County

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