Executive Committee

District Organization: At the State Convention, a caucus of those in each Congressional District shall elect a Chair and Vice Chair for that Congressional District.  The District Chair shall serve as the LGBTQ Caucus representative on the District Executive Committee, as well as the Executive Committee of the LGBTQ Democrats of NC (along with members of the President’s Council and the Chair of each organized county or multi-county club).
Congressional District Chairs have been realigned from those elected in 2019, placing them in new districts being used in 2020.

District Chair Vice-Chair
CD 1 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 2 George Greene (Wake) Kyle Turner (Wake)
CD 3 Roy Smith Jr. (Craven) Vice-Chair
CD 4 Kristin Lione (Durham) Vice-Chair
CD 5 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 6 David Hammond (Guilford) Tyler Beall (Guilford)
CD 7 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 8 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 9 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 10 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 11 Clay Eddleman (Henderson) Mindy Collins (Henderson)
CD 12 Chair Vice-Chair
CD 13 Pat Warren (Caswell) Vice-Chair

Vacancies not filled at State Convention may be filled by the remainder of the Executive Committee. Volunteers should contact the President for consideration.